Self-Care Starter Kit – My Gift to You


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Why did I create this Self-Care Starter Kit?

Turn down the white noise and find your own song!

I like to use this little metaphor to base my philosophy around.

What does it even mean? To me, this encapsulates the message I’d like to share with you.

Bringing 2 of my loves together: Flying creatures (think birds and dragonflies) and Music

I love imagery of birds and dragonflies in flight. (I love feathers!) They’re not only beautiful but there’s also a sense of freedom and we all have a right to be free.

Sometimes, through years of repeating old habits, and patterns of doing what we think we ‘should’ be doing, of what’s expected of us, we can end up living in a self-constructed cage.

Music and sound is also a passion of mine (and probably of most people). So the two combined – turning down the volume of all of those little things that can add up to overwhelm, that threaten to drown out any beautiful music, the symphony of life, so you can be heard (or seen) when you express yourself in your own unique way – to sing ‘your’ song, makes wonderful sense to me.

With so much ‘stuff’ in our lives, so many distractions, it can be all too easy to lose sight of what’s important to us.

Through self-care practices, you can undo those ingrained habits, and dismantle that cage. You can learn to be free again, to make room in your life for what matters.

What’s included in the kit?

1. Introduction

This Self-Care Starter Kit is a PDF which first explains who (do I think) I am(!) to tell anybody about self-care. There was a time when I thought self-care was self-indulgent nonsense for rich people with time on their hands.

That changed and I spent years learning various techniques to feel better in my skin.

2. Self-care myths unpicked

Then I pick apart 3 myths about self-care. Self-care isn’t selfish, expensive, time-consuming. I’ll show you why.

3. Four Self-Care Tools for You to Work With

I have 4 parts to my kit, or 4 ‘tools’.

4. A meditation

I wrote and narrated an 11-minute guided mindfulness meditation. It is meant to be a handy tool for you to use. When you are feeling anxious, stressed and overwhelmed (or if you just fancy a little break), get comfortable, tune in to the meditation and… breathe.

5. Two-minute tips to start right away

For each of the 4 tools, I include some 2-minute steps to move you forwards towards peace of mind.

6. Longer-term habits to improve your wellbeing

For when you have longer than 2 minutes, there are some further suggestions to take your self-care practice to another level and really feel the improvements.

Will you hear from me again?

As well as your Self-Care Starter Kit, I’ll be in touch occasionally (if you tick the little box when you sign up – please do!), when there’s something special to share with you. This could be self-care tips, mini-challenges, photos, discoveries and recommendations (but no spam – I promise).

Yellow hyacinth on river bank

My meditation inspired a poem

When I asked friends to ‘test’ my meditation, I was moved when it inspired author, Heather, to write and publish a poem!

Take me to that peaceful place
where I can rest my mind
shut out the noise
awakening the nirvana inside
soothing the worries
settling the soul
I absorb it into me
peace running through my veins
immortalizing the serenity of this place

Heather L. Huffman

Find more from Heather on Instagram: @authorheatherlhuffman

Turn down the white noise and find your own song!

I hope you enjoy your Self-Care Starter Kit as much as I loved creating it for you.

All my tips are easy to implement in your daily life. Little tweaks to your routine will really benefit how you feel.

Move away from overwhelm and feel a little lighter – it’s easier than you think.

Please let me know how you get along 🥰

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