What’s it all about?

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Me and Suki
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What am I going on about?

In a few words: emotional and mental health.

Let’s become the best versions of ourselves with kindness and compassion instead of through pressure. Let’s unlearn the need to conform, face up to hidden triggers, shed those layers that society can weigh us down with, and… chill.

We all have chaos to deal with. ‘Self-improvement’ suggests we are not good enough, that it’s up to us to ‘fix’ things – and ourselves.

I suggest how to shrug off the ‘shoulds’ and ride with the inevitable ups and downs of life.

When faced with the unexpected, this is how I held on and gained strength and wisdom. Here are my anchors for storms I have braved (and not so braved).

Let’s talk about finding deeper meaning, peace, acceptance, self-knowledge. Love is all!

A little about me

I’m a recovering perfectionist and people pleaser who has mostly worked with the printed word, and sometimes with people too.

I grew up in the beautiful Lake District in the north of England, and since then have lived, in no particular order and for no particular reason, in Liverpool, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, France, Spain and Belgium. I’ve recently settled on the south coast of England where I love to sea swim and collect odd-shaped pebbles from the beach. Who knows why!

A constant challenge for me is to find balance:

  • Rural versus city
  • Nature versus culture
  • Pushing myself versus slowing down
  • Being everything to everyone versus self-care first
  • Presence in the moment versus time-management queen
  • Exercising versus being still
  • Sharing the love (man!) versus healthy boundaries

My first novel, Dogs Drowning in Marble, is kind of, almost, nearly finished. So if I ask you to ‘Watch this space’, maybe it will motivate me to… finish it 😊

I finally started my emotional and mental health blog at the beginning of 2019 with the aim of sharing my own experiences and in the hope of reaching out to others who might relate and maybe feel a little less alone 🥰

Turn down the white noise and find your own song!

Fido in the magical and mysterious Belgian Ardennes

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