What’s Your Word?

What is your word on Scrabble board with cat

Have you chosen a word for this year? Perhaps you have, or maybe you haven’t a clue what I’m talking about.

Let’s say you were given a bracelet to wear for a year, adorned with a word of your choice, what would you pick?

What one word, to repeat throughout the year to help you move through the weeks and months with greater purpose and vision, to give you strength and meaning, to remind you of what is important to you, would that be?

Tammy Breitweiser, ‘force of nature’ and writer, was way ahead when she posted a piece of writing in November of last year. She explains why she chose ‘More’ in her article, ‘Choosing #Oneword’, here.

‘What will your word be for 2020?’

Tammy Breitweiser
Now in Scrabble letters on wooden fence post
Appreciate the Now

When I read her question, without thinking it through, the word that came to me was ‘Now’.

There are two reasons.

But first, a little background.

The Power of Now

Close to 20 years ago, my partner was working on a film set in Luxembourg. There was a child actor dude raving about Eckhart Tolle and The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment. If it was working for this young go-getter, we reckoned we’d give it a get-go too.

We had a long trip coming up – Luxembourg to Bulgaria. We could count two days easily. So we bought the cassette tapes. A talking book. It felt very modern (ha!). I kid you not!

We set off on our road trip fully open to learning how Guru Tolle would be able to enlighten us further on just how to give a special magic to the present moment. We’d already kind of got the main message: be in the moment. Don’t worry about the future. Forget about the past. Be, you know, mindful (although I hadn’t heard of that term back then.)

We tried. We really did. It was repetitive. His voice wasn’t particularly engaging (sorry, Eckhart – I’m sure you’ll forgive me as millions of others obviously disagree). We were hoping for life-changing. We heard… boring. We turned it off and looked out of the windows. (Although, hopefully, the driver already had his eyes on the road.)

What's Your Word?
What’s your word? My word is ‘Now’

Why I wish I’d not said ‘no’ to ‘now’… back then

Fast forward a few years (literally) and my life had spun out of control. I was overwhelmed and flailing around like a headless fly or a blue-arsed chicken. Or something.

Cat playing with Scrabble piece
Twinkle plays Scrabble

If only I had heeded those wise words of Eckhart. If only I’d applied them to my life then. If only I had listened more patiently.

If only I had adopted a mindful life instead of practising speed, speed, speed.

Then I wouldn’t have had to painfully learn, years later, how to slow down, how to be in the moment.

Reason No 1 for me to choose ‘Now’ as my word

So now, when I feel my head becoming stuffed with useless thoughts battling against each other, when it is starting to feel as though there is just too much background noise, and I can’t think clearly, I bring myself back into the moment.

I turn to a couple of simple but effective techniques which are serving me well.

I pay attention to my breath and inhale some deep breaths in… and then out, being really mindful of where the air travels, and feeling an invisible piece of string lifting me up by the tip of my crown.

And the second technique is to ask myself what it is that I might need. Right. Now.

It could be a glass of water. It could be a little rest. Or a lie down. I practise listening to my body.

WON spelled out in Scrabble letters on a post
Did you spot what I did there?

Reason No 2 for me to choose ‘Now’ as my word

The second reason that I choose ‘Now’ to be my word almost contradicts the first. If I constantly remind myself to be in the present moment, at the same time, I have seen time slipping by so fast. And I know that I need to keep reminding myself. To act. Now.

I have been talking about wanting to move house, to move countries even, for some time. When I think back, I am appalled to realise that I have been wishing this wish for over five years.

My partner was hospitalised in 2015 and almost died. That point in my life is a time marker to me. Before that summer, I was in a course where we were asked to write about our ideal day. I remember that I did not dare to write down what I really wanted because it seemed so remote. So out of my reach. But what I wanted then, was to move house… And yes, to move country.

NOW spelled in Scrabble letters on fence post and dog
Fido prefers sticks to Scrabble

With a new year brings new beginnings.

With a new decade brings greater reflection. What did you achieve in the last decade?

I know that I have lived an entire 10 years in a place that has never truly felt like home. It has been wonderful in so many ways, not least because I have been a mother. But for the next decade, I would like to live somewhere that feels like home to me.

There are still so many things to organise. The excuses or reasons that have kept me stagnant, here, still remain. They have not magically disappeared with my newfound determination that I am ready for change.

But words hold power. They hold you accountable. The word ‘Now’, I choose as a reminder to myself. And every now and then I will ask, ‘What can I do, right now, that will take me closer to my goal, and to my dream?’

Action speaks louder than words

Words are powerful, yes. But action speaks louder.

Reading Group – Words of Introduction

I am in a Don’t Keep Your Day Job (by Cathy Heller) reading group organised by writer and creative entrepreneur, Sam Kimberle. During our introductory meeting Sam asked us all to come up with a word for the year with a little explanation about why we have chosen it. It was a brilliant way to break the ice and get to know each other a little better, as well as any creative projects and blocks we might have.

Braceletes made with one word punched onto a washer threaded onto string
Wear your word – Bracelet designs by Susie Taylor and her family

Writer, Jenna Britton, is in the group. She has a Sunday newsletter but has also recently started a podcast, Brave Enough to Be. In Episode 6, she explains why her word for 2020 is ‘Visible’.

Susie Taylor, who is a writer among many other things, shared an idea of stamping washers and making them into bracelets or keyrings. Susie was kind enough to let me use her photo.

Words I have lived by

In past years, my word (or rather words) was ‘Slow down’. I wrote it on a Post-it and stuck it onto my laptop. I needed to remind myself to stop thinking. To stop ‘doing’. To stop being addicted to being busy.

Next, my word was ‘Choice’. I imagined this word tattooed across my wrist, like a bracelet. Or a watch.

Perhaps as I was learning to slow down, the next step was to remember that I always have a choice. And okay, sometimes we have too many choices… but that’s another article!

If I add the word ‘Now’ to my collection of invisible bracelets (or shall I write it in pen?), so that each time I flick my eyes to the spot where a watch would sit, I will be reminded that the time is ‘Now’. Could this be the ultimate lesson in mindfulness?

'NOW' penned onto a wrist

It seems that kid from the film set was right. And Eckhart was on to something so profound that I wasn’t ready to hear it.

I am listening now, Eckhart. I wish I’d have kept those old cassettes. Although, let’s face it, they’d probably get all tangled up in the player and I’d have to wind them back up with a pencil.

I just asked my 12-year-old son what his word is for this year. He didn’t hesitate.

‘Dreams. Because anyone’s dreams can come true.’

Flynn Horder-Gouldsbrough (12 years old) – in answer to ‘What’s your word for this year?’

So go on. Please share. What’s your word?

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  1. Great choice of word. I read The Power of Now a few years back, and for me at least there was too much “out there” stuff, and it drowned out the most useful parts of his message.

    1. Well done for getting through the entire book though! I just remember thinking it was repetitive. But it’s strange how being mindful does take practice. Do you have a guiding word for this year? Thanks so much for reading… xx

        1. Great choice, Ashley. You are so appreciated (even if all of your followers don’t make enough time to keep up with reading posts – that would be me!). Keep going – please 🤗 You’re amazing! 🥰

  2. I’ve heard so much about having a word this year! I love the idea of it. I didn’t choose one . . Maybe one will still choose me. Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Maybe it will… What a lovely idea. I wasn’t sure about mine – but it just immediately came to me. So I decided to go with it… Do let me know if you wake up tomorrow and you know what your word is 🥰

  3. Loved reading this, makes you think for sure. I read the Power of now last year and it was good but you definitely have to be in the right frame of mind for it! My word last year would have been happiness, I would pick that again, however I think it will definitely be underlying everything I do. Challenge is going to be my word! I want to challenge myself to do new things, I want to push myself, I want to accept challenges that come my way as well as challenge people if I don’t feel something is right! Yep, so that’s my word 🙂🤩

    1. Hey, I love your word for all the reasons you give!!! Challenging yourself is such a powerful way of growing… and challenging others when something doesn’t feel right, yes! Awesome! Thanks a lot for your comment 🥰

  4. I’m glad I got to read one of your posts. I’ve missed them… I love your word! When I read your question my thought was I’d choose ‘present’ as in being present. I love your choice word though. Even more than my present. So maybe both.
    Happy new year Eilidh!
    What is your word/sentence/intention for the decade?
    Love, light and glitter! And sunshine and sparkles:)

    1. Ah Eliza – you are so kind ❤️ Thank you! I love your word, ‘present’. It’s similar to ‘now’ and your presence is a gift (present) to those you touch with your words, kindness and love, light and glitter! So I think your word rocks!
      So now you’re upping the game with the whole decade question!
      OK then. Off the top of my head:
      Word: Peace 🙏🏾
      Sentence: Turn down the white noise and find your own song! (Well yeah!) 🦚
      Intention: To live as authentically as I can, trust myself (and the universe), to share what strengths I have with others and to continue to learna and grow and spread a little lightness and positive energy with the world (or something)
      Your turn! ❤️

      1. I love your sentence!

        Word: Choice/growth
        Sentence: To be who I am for myself and live a life true to myself and give to others in the process
        Intention: To be living a life I love, present in the world, giving, being, learning, doing. To be connected to a source and share with others the connection and help everyone be the best they can be by being true to themselves and being all they can be.
        Along those lines… I like glitter 🙂

  5. Now is a really good word to choose. It can really mean so many things in one . I like what you did doing now backwards making it won. That was neat. I haven’t thought of a word but while reading your post the first word that came to my mind was, CREATE. My imagination and writing and interacting with so many incredible artists on here has helped me grow so much as a writer and as a person. Create is like now. Create can be applied in so many ways. I want to keep creating and always feel this interest. 🙂 hope your new year is great! Thanks for this post 🙂 very thought provoking.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment and for reading my blog 🥰 What do you mean, you haven’t got a word? Your word is brilliantly fitting for you – Create – Yes!!! I also love being on this writing journey and find it is so amazing at helping me grow (yes, as a writer and in other ways). Ooooh – there are so many possibilities that the word ‘Create’ could refer to 🥰 Awesome! Happy New(ish) Year and Enjoy Creating! 🥰

  6. My friend, I am unbelievably tardy in replying. Please forgive me as it has nothing to do with my desire to be here and read your incredibly powerful words!

    I love your word of the year: now. It’s so simple, yet so profound. What I love the most I think is how you talked about not being busy, busy busy. That this notion of busyness = productivity is a destructive lie. Interestingly enough – I’ve got a draft going on my blog for this very subject!

    We run ourselves ragged trying to attain…..? We become something simply because it’s what we have been told is the ‘right way’ to do it. Yet we kill ourselves, our creativity and our passion in the process.

    I also love your breathing techniques. I relate to that very much. It’s very effective, isn’t it? Calling ourselves back into the now moment by simply being present with our needs is a powerful weapon against overwhelm. It immediately reduces blood pressure and anxiety. Isn’t that amazing?!? We were designed so beautifully and intricately woven together.

    I think my now word would be ‘believe.’ Due to years of trauma and rejection in numerous forms, I have often believed I wasn’t worthy – that my dreams simply wouldn’t happen, because it’s well, me. Why would they? I’ve struggled endlessly with feeling not good enough in every way imaginable. I lost belief in myself, my dreams, my hopes and my talents/abilities. So now, I want to believe. I want to believe that I am worthy, capable, lovable and good enough to achieve what’s in my heart to do. I want to believe life will turn around from hopes dashed to dreams fulfilled 🙂

    Congratulations my sweet friend on choosing to move where you feel like home is. I relate to this wholeheartedly, as I have been through similar. I moved back to an area I didn’t want to be for my husband and it has been hard. Before moving, I had finally settled in to where I loved and felt at peace. There is much to be said for being where your heart feels alive. Good for you for choosing life!

    I pray nothing but the very very best blessings for you & your family. I pray this (long) reply finds you doing well, sweet Eilidh. ❤ Love you my friend!

  7. Oh Holly that is such a moving response. Thank you so very much. I really love your word for this year. You are so worthy, capable, lovable and more than good enough. Nothing to prove. The way you show up in the blogging circles with such compassion, wisdom and love are testament to what a wonderful soul you are and I am blessed that our paths crossed in this strange and wonderful cyberspace.
    I listened to a couple of your posts while decluttering/cleaning/packing for our house sale and they really are words of strength. You reach out to others and make the world a better place. And I thank you for that, dear Holly xxx 🥰

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