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I was lucky enough to receive a Versatile Blogger Award nomination from fellow blogger, Lusine, from
A huge Thank You!
As you may guess, Lusine has a coffee-drinking-themed blog, with plenty of cool pics. She writes lifestyle pieces with a particular focus on introversion and minimalism. Go and take a look ☺️


So here they are:

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Seven Facts About Me


I am colourblind, which might not sound that unusual, but statistically, only 1 out of 200 women are colourblind (compared with 1 out of every 12 men).

Red berries
Red berries – or so I’m told


I collect strays, by accident.

2 cats lying down
Tommy from Bulgaria and little Twinkle from the streets of Belgium

How does this happen?
One after another, they just keep scratching at the door looking pathetic and bedraggled.
‘Just one saucer of milk pweeease…’ they plead.
What choice do we have but to take them in, get rid of their fleas (sorry, fleas!) and fatten them up?
Once their paws are clearly through the door, they saunter out into the streets and tell their scraggy-furred homeless friends about the suckers who are unable to say ‘no room here!’
…and the next moggy comes along to try their new-found luck.

Suki the cat prepares to leave the washing machine
This stray appeared from the washing machine – a bizarre catcraft, it would seem


As a kid, I used to love my pogo hopper and could hop more than 100 times.

I also hung out a lot on roller boots (roller disco anyone?), space hoppers and bicycles.

However, the skateboard from the 50p stand at the market never got me very far.


I grew up in a town called Cockermouth. I kid you not! And yes, there have been some strange – even downright rude – address combos written on envelopes which did, however, end up on our doormat!

Cockermouth is where the River Cocker joins the River Derwent. So the name makes complete sense, doesn’t it? And it apparently means ‘the crooked one’.

Cockermouth is a pretty little market town in the north-west of England, just outside the beautiful Lake District.


My two first names (Helen and Eilidh) have the same meaning.

‘Helen’ is Greek for the Scottish Gaelic ‘Eilidh’ (or Scottish Gaelic Eilidh means Helen in Greek) but my parents didn’t realise it when they named me. Although I go by ‘Eilidh’, my actual first name is ‘Helen’. (Helen Eilidh sounds better than Eilidh Helen, right?)


Very few people know how to pronounce or spell my name. Here’s how: ‘Aylee’.

A friend once ignored my message asking him to meet me because, in his words some time later, he didn’t know anybody called ‘Aylidehuh!’

I didn’t used to like my name, but as I grow older that is changing.

I have been called Aileen, Edith and many many more names. My favourite: Eyelid.

Eilidh means ‘sun ray’ or ‘shining light’. I like that!

Sun rays on field of sunflowers


I was a jeune fille au pair in Fontainebleau and I had to iron an unhealthy number of shirts (with the crease lines in exactly the right place) every day for months and months.

If I’ve been looking a bit crumpled around the edges since then, now you know why.


I can recite quite a few rap lyrics from the ‘80s.

So go on, let’s play ‘Name that rap’:

I wanna rock right now
I’m (fill in the blank) and I want to get down
I’m not internationally known
But I’m know to rock a microphone
Because I get stupid
I mean outrageous
Stay away from me
If you’re contagious…

I mean… what’s not to love? Check it out here to see if you guessed right 🤣 It makes me smile every time 😊  (You don’t like it? So what, I don’t care! 😉)

Is there anybody else out there who has the same penchant??? Please… leave me a comment 🥰


I nominate the following bloggers (who may or may not wish to accept the nomination) for the Versatile Blogger Award. They have a complete mixture of sites I visit for various reasons. I hope you’ll enjoy checking some of them out.

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  1. Thank you!

    Eyelid is pretty fun…

    With that song, the only words I recognized were “it takes two” bit and “I wanna rock right now” – I guess I never paid attention to the rest!

  2. This is a great post, dear. Was so interesting to get to know you better, especially how to pronounce your name. And so glad that you accepted my nomination and wrote this post!

    1. Thank you, Lusine. I also think your name is beautiful, by the way. I haven’t heard it before… although I think it might be fairly easy to pronounce? Thank you again for the nomination – happy blogging! 🤗

  3. I just love you to pieces my friend 🙂 What a special soul you are!

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your nomination. You’ve genuinely touched my heart! ♥

    I absolutely adored reading your answers too. Your name meaning ‘shining light’ couldn’t have been more apt at describing who and how you are. A beautiful name for a beautiful friend.

    And those kitties – oh dear – you just made me fall in love today! 🤣 I can see why you were a hopeless sap when they showed up at your doorstep. Believe it or not, we are in the same boat! All kinds of lil ones have spread the word about the kind folks who put out food here.

    I’ve enjoyed reading about you so much. Lets go for a serene walk in nature and describe the colors we see. That’ll be fun 🙂 Sending endless blessings your way dear friend. 🤗

    1. Aw… what a lovely, kind reply, Holly. Thank you so much!
      I am not surprised in the least that kitties flock to your door as well. I’m sure you provide the warmest home, full of love.
      Enjoy your walk – I’ll think of you when I go for mine (with the stray doggie – not the kitties). I’ll look out for the colours (I do see lots of beautiful colours, just not, perhaps, as vividly as people with ‘normal’ colour vision).
      Lots of love 🥰

  4. Thank you so much Eilidh for the nomination and am so glad to know you a little more 😊🤗
    I have made friends (more like a daughter) with a young girl from Pakistan, and she loves cats and they seem to find their way to her and her heart ❣ I have started to love cats after my contact with her.

    One of my sisters, didn’t change her second name after her marriage, and both her daughters have two first names and no family name 😎

    Love and hugs 🤗

    1. Great to hear your news and how you related it to my post, Ashok. I’ve always always had a huge soft spot for cats. They’re so independant but friendly when they want to be… and beautiful. I love the story about your sister 🤗 Thanks for sharing 🥰 Love and hugs right back to you 😍

  5. We called our toys pogo stick & roller skates. I could go a hundred or more. I was hell on wheels with the roller skates. The other thing I had was a hula hoop. I have 2 weighted ones now that I can go for 1/2 hour or more. Great low impact exercise. Congrats on your blogger award!

    1. Thanks for your comment… We would have got along great as kids 🤗 I was never that great with the hula hoops… that’s incredible that you can go for half an hour now! Maybe I should give it another spin!

      1. Mine are made of heavy duty pvc & have weight added to them. Not like the ones we had as kids. Once you get your groove going, it makes for a great core workout. Add a little American 50’s music & you got it goin on. 😉 I think we would have been competitive great friends as kids.

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