Serendipity pebble

I think it’s called… Serendipity

There is a place that feels like home, although it’s not the place where I live. When I was last there… I wandered onto the beach on my own, to bid it ‘au revoir’, inhale its magic, but also, in the hope of taking a little piece of it back with me – when I returned to the place where I do live.

It is a pebbley beach so I would take… a pebble. There were lots to spare. Perhaps I’d spot one with a hole all the way through. They are cool and you can make them into light pulls (although I never have done yet).

I picked a spot, sat on the pebbles, and looked out onto the shimmering water. It felt… just right. I breathed in the welcoming air. It tasted salty clean. I gazed at the calming view, and as I listened to the waves, I laid my hands down to feel the smooth stones all around me.

Inhaling deeply, I soaked it all in. Far away to infinity the sky stretched.

Closer, much closer, I looked down at the pebbles…

Look what I saw!

A little piece of serendipity.

Right next to me, this special pebble. It looked familiar. A pattern of hearts – just like my little girl draws. Could she have drawn it and left it at another time? (Of course not!) I wrapped my hand around the smooth stone and breathed in again. A moment of bliss. Brilliant peace.

When it was time to go, I put the stone in my pocket.

Now… wherever I am, when I want to feel ‘at home’ again, and return to that place, all I have to do is sit comfortably, take the pebble in my palm, close my eyes and let the memories wash over me. Feel them.

I believe in Serendipity.

Have you ever picked something up to carry and use as a kind of totem? A reminder of a special person, place, or feeling? An object that jogs your memories and takes you right back to a special place?

Have you experienced serendipity?

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  1. Yes!!! We look for answers in the logical world, making lists of pros and cons, but in the moments we pause, and feel, then we know our truth. Sometimes we find a symbol to represent our authentic answers other times we just breathe….

  2. I remember a ‘stone serendipity moment’ too. Two, actually. One in the UK, but I didn’t take the pebble with me. For some reason, I couldn’t take anything with me from the UK’s beaches! Perhaps because it’s not home. 🙂 The other moment was a few years back, and I draw a rune in each one of them. Can’t remember the symbols or the meaning of them, but it was exactly the same intent you tell us about here 🙂 Serendipity brings magic into our lives. We just need to be aware… Glad you can ‘instant-travel’ back home 😉

    1. Wow! You too! Maybe I shouldn’t have taken the pebble… and it did cross my mind that the tradition (and possibly the law?) might be to leave all the pebbles on the beaches. But there were so many pebbles and it felt so smooth in my palm and I didn’t think anyone would mind really 😊

  3. I loved this post. In my bathroom there is a square glass vase in which there are as many shells I could cram into it from my very favourite beach in Devon. Not truly serendipity I suppose but a case of bringing with me a piece of where I’ve been happy.

    1. Aw, that’s lovely Steph. My house is also full of shells and little stones 😊 When I worked in an office I had very little on my desk – but I did have just a small selection of stones from ‘my’ beach – and perhaps oddly, they were a small comfort 😊 I had a friend who used to have a massive collection of pebbles an shells until she decided to ‘free’ all her stones back into nature! (Maybe her approaching move to Australia was the clincher!)

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